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Strawberry (Indoor) CBD 11-13%


Our Strawberry is grown indoors in Italy. The CBD content is around 12% and contains less than 0.2% THC. Strawberry is completely free of seeds, leaves and twigs.

Aroma and flavor
Strawberry has a slightly darker notes in aroma but has clear hints of fruity strawberry taste. The buds are compact and of high quality.

Current quality:
Humidity: Medium / High
Size: Medium

Size :
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Product info

Name: Strawberry
Product type: Flower
Country of origin: Italy
Available sizes: 2g, 5g, 10g, 20g
CBD level: 11-13%
THC level: < 0,2%


The best way to store your CBD buds is in a dark environment in a glass jar. We add one humidity controller in every package ordered.
If the buds will not be used in the near future, we recommend that you buy an extra humidity controller that is placed in the jar together with the buds.

You will find humidity controllers under Accessories -> Storage or at the link below.

Go to Humidity Controller

Important information

The hemp we distribute is EU approved and contains a maximum of 0.2% THC. It is legal to grow, sell and own in Europe.

  • Hemp is not to be considered as a food, dietary supplement or medicine
  • Hemp must not be prepared. For example, it is not legal to prepare oil or divide into portion doses

The hemp you find with us is a pure agricultural product. We as sellers completely absolve ourselves from how you as a buyer choose to use hemp.

2 reviews for Strawberry (Indoor) CBD 11-13%

  1. Tommy

    Fin och god sort! Luktar verkligen strawberry. Jag vill passa på och tack Raw Hemp Teamet som har kompenserat mig med nya sorter då jag var missnöjd på b.l.a lukten på några. Stort Tack! / Supernöjd kund

  2. CBDsnubben

    Riktigt fina blommar, extremt vältrimmat, man känner verkligen att det är en kvalitetsprodukt när man rör vid eller luktar på den. Luktar helt otroligt, definitivt jordgubb.
    Mild i smaken. Bra mängd CBD, men detta är inte det viktigaste, andra cannbinoider, terpener, flavonoider påverkar det hela också. Och denna känns toppen, väldigt lugnande.

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