Vape Cartridge Starter Kit

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The Vape Cartridge starter kit is for those of you who are curious about Live Resin CBD and who do not own a 510 battery. In the starter package, you buy three optional 0.5ml cartridges and you also get a Ccell M3 battery that works for all 510 carts.

You can read more about our different CBD cartridges further down.



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CCell M3 Battery

AK 47 Vape Cartridge

Blueberry Afgoo Vape Cartridge

Bubblegum OG Vape Cartridge

Girl Scout Cookies vape cartridge

Gorilla Glue Vape Cartridge

Headband Vape Cartridge

Jack Herer Vape Cartridge

Key Lime Pie Vape Cartridge

Mojito Vape Cartridge

Pineapple Express Vape Cartridge

Sleepy Joe Vape Cartridge

Super Lemon Haze Vape Cartridge

Strawnana Vape Cartridge

Sunset Sherbert Vape Cartridge

Watermelon Vape Cartridge

Zkittlez Vape Cartridge

AK 47
AK 47 is a sativa with a sweet scent and flavor of red berries. There are also clear hints of pine and moist soil.

Blackberry Kush
Blackberry Kush is an indica with a penetrating aroma and flavor reminiscent of Afghan hash with sweet, earthy, fruity tones.

Blue Cheese
Blue Cheese is an indica with an interesting aroma of cheese and sweet berries.

Blueberry Afgoo
Blueberry Afgoo is a sativa-hybrid with a sweet berry-like aroma with a touch of pine.

Bubblegum OG
Bubblegum OG is a sativa with an intense aroma and scent of bubblegum and candy store. Stands out in its scent profile.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-hybrid with tones of kush, mint, and lemon.

Gorilla Glue
Gorilla Glue is a sativa-hybrid with subtle hints of pine and coffee.

Jack Herer
Jack Herer is a sativa with peppery aromas and hints of pine.

Key Lime Pie
Key Lime Pie is a hybrid with a taste of citrus and reminiscent of lime with sweet hints.

Mojito is a sativa that has an aroma and taste that blends citrus and lime with mint and chocolate.

Pineapple Express
Pineapple Express is a sativa with a sweet tropical blend with tones of cedar and pineapple.

Platinum OG
Platinum OG is an indica hybrid with 13% CBN. Woodsy scent of skunk and pine with sweetness of candy.

Sleepy Joe
Sleepy Joe is an indica with a kind mild aroma and scent slightly reminiscent of mango with a peppery tone. Perfect in the evening when it’s time to wind down.

Strawberry Cough
Strawberry Cough is a sativa. Tones of strawberry and red berries.

Strawnana is an indica offering a rich and kushy combination of ripe strawberries and bananas.

Sugar Punch
Sugar Punch is a sativa with a skunky and sweet scent with hints of berries.

Sunset Sherbert
Sunset Sherbert is an indica hybrid that is terpy, buttery, and fruity. Just like Sleepy Joe, this is perfect in the evening when it’s time to wind down.

Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel is a sativa. Sweet and sour taste.

Super Lemon Haze
Super Lemon Haze is a sativa with an intense lemon aroma, with dominant hints of grapefruit and spices.

Watermelon OG
Watermelon OG is an indica with a tropical and sweet taste. Excellent as an end to a long day.

Zkittlez Vape
Zkittlez is a hybrid with an intense and floral aroma and flavor, with really special spicy and sweet tones.


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