Wedding Gelato


Wedding Gelato
In an exclusive collaboration with a passionate grower in the south of Spain, we have succeeded in producing an incredibly affordable product that is still of high quality. Budsen has a clear fruity scent with a hint of pine forest. The CBD content is between 6-8%.

Thanks to the exclusive collaboration, we can offer a gram price that is quite low.


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Wedding Gelato

In a unique collaboration with a new grower in Spain, we have now been able to develop a fantastic product at a good price. These dense fine buds have a very rich terpene profile characterized by fruity aromas and a clear hint of pine. The buds have some cover leaves but no seeds.

Genetics: Enectaliana
Country of origin: Spain
Cultivated: Greenhouse
Available sizes: 10g, 20g
CBD content: 7-9%
THC content: <0.2%

Name: Girl Scout Cookies
Genetics: Kompolti
Product type: Flower
Country of origin: Spain
Available sizes: 2g, 5g, 10g, 20g
CBD level: 15-18%
THC level: < 0,2%

The best way to store your CBD buds is in a dark environment in a glass jar. We add one humidity controller in every package ordered.
If the buds will not be used in the near future, we recommend that you buy an extra humidity controller that is placed in the jar together with the buds.

You will find humidity controllers under Accessories -> Storage or at the link below.

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The hemp we distribute is EU approved and contains a maximum of 0.2% THC. It is legal to grow, sell and own in Europe.

  • Hemp is not to be considered as a food, dietary supplement or medicine
  • Hemp must not be prepared. For example, it is not legal to prepare oil or divide into portion doses

The hemp you find with us is a pure agricultural product. We as sellers completely absolve ourselves from how you as a buyer choose to use hemp.

Labbrapport för Spanish Line

Kompolti is an industrial hemp that was developed in Hungary and is now grown all over Europe. Kompolti is a tall hemp variety that can grow over 3 meters long if grown outdoors. In addition to Kompolti being used to produce fiber and cooking oil, the flowers can also contain up to 18% CBD depending on growing conditions.
Kompolti is listed in the EU’s catalog of hemp strains that are legal to grow.

2 reviews for Wedding Gelato

  1. Oskar (verified owner)

    Premium känsla passar bäst på dagen

  2. V4p3r

    Förmodligen de bästa budget budsen!
    Otroligt gott luktade och smaka det, härligt mycket terpener och trikomer tom när man tittar noga. Väldigt prisvärt och så fräscha och stora dem var.

    Lämpar sig bäst på dagtid, håller med förra recensenten. T.ex. med blandat med lite CBG är det riktigt nice.

    Dess låga CBD mängd har inte gjort den sämre direkt, bara lite annorlunda i effekt, kanske tom bättre på vissa sätt, på dagtid t.ex.


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