CCell M3 Plus Battery


The CCELL M3 Plus offers an impressive vaping experience with its two innovative heat settings that allow you to customize flavors and vapor to your liking. The powerful 350mAh battery provides long-lasting power and performance without interruption, and the fast Type-C charging technology keeps you ready for exciting adventures. Activation is intuitive by simply inhaling, giving you instant enjoyment without the hassle of buttons or settings. In addition, you can choose from three colors, Black, Silver and White. CCELL M3 Plus is compatible with all our Vape Cartridges.

This battery is of course suitable for all our Vape Cartridges.



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One of the most impressive features of the CCELL M3 Plus is its two innovative heat settings. You have the opportunity to tailor your vaping experience by easily choosing between a tasty and seductive pleasure or an intense and powerful smoking. Whether you’re in the mood for subtle flavors or want to go big with a full-bodied vapor, the CCELL M3 Plus gives you the control over your vaping experience that no other device can offer.

In addition, CCELL M3 Plus is equipped with a robust 350mAh battery, giving you outstanding long-lasting power and performance. You’ll never have to worry about interruptions in your vaping fun, as this battery is tailored to keep up with your passion for vaping. With the fast Type-C charging technology, you can also top up the battery in no time and be ready for even more exciting vaping adventures.

One of the most appealing features of the CCELL M3 Plus is its intuitive activation mechanism. By simply inhaling, this amazing vaping device instantly activates and takes you on a journey of incredible flavors and smooth clouds of vapor. No need to worry about complicated buttons or settings – all you have to do is take a breath and enjoy the instant pleasure that CCELL M3 Plus offers.

This battery works with all 510 cartridges.


  • Standard 510 thread
  • Stainless material
  • Activated by inhalation
  • Battery capacity of 350 mAh
  • Voltage output: 3.2v-3.6v
  • Built-in LED indicator
  • 510 wire for USB charging
  • USB charging adapter included
  • Size: 10.5 x 76.4mm


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